Our people working for you.

Board of Directors

Edmund Bellegarde – Tribal Chairperson File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council
Chief Marie Ann Daywalker-Pelletier – File Hills Rep.
Chief Elsie Jack - File Hills Rep.
Chief Rodger Redman – Qu’Appelle
Chief Jeremy Fourhorns - Qu'Appelle
Councillor Sanford Strongarm – Touchwood
Councillor Hugh Pratt - Touchwood
Chief Lloyd Buffalo – Touchwood
Katherine Leader - Regina Rep.


Maynard Sonntag – President/CEO


Stephen Huang – Acting Vice-President of Finance & Administration

Christina Zhou – Vice-President of Finance & Administration/CFO (Maternity Leave)
Gina Lerat – Finance/Maintenance Clerk
Tally Dufour - Human Resources
Arlene Ridgway – Office Assistant

Tenant Relation Department

Dave Bighead - Director of Tenant Relations
Leon Pelletier - Tenant Relations Officer
Stephanie Matechuck - Acting Tenant Relations Officer
Nicole Henry - Tenant Relations Officer
Ronnie Netmaker - Tenant Relations Officer

Maintenance Department

Tyler Jones – Director of Maintenance
Darcy Eagles – Rural Maintenance Technician
Thomas McNabb – Rural Maintenance Carpenter
Stuart Dustyhorn – Maintenance Technician
Larry Bigstone – Maintenance Technician
Dwight Musqua – Maintenance Technician
Jonathan Kaiswatum – Yard Care Technician
Jason Cyr – Yard Care Technician
Robert Favel – Painter Technician
Talia Spencer – Unit Inspector
Steven Desnomie – Maintenance Carpenter
Curtis Blondeau – Maintenance Carpenter
Margaret Allen – Maintenance Janitorial Technician